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Trees & Brush

Whiting Woods is home to a large variety of plant and animal life. 


Much of the charm associated with Whiting Woods is due to the many varieties of tree and plant life. Our Properties, streets and surrounding Verdugo mountains contain many varieties of indigenous trees that are protected by various city ordinances.

It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with these trees, trimming seasons and ordinances before undertaking any trimming, clearance or property improvements.


Here is a link to the City of Glendale's website where you may view and download the Indigenous Tree Permit Application

Here is a list of known trees that a permit for trimming and/or removal is required for:

Coast Live Oak Valley Oak Mesa Oak Scrub Oak Western Sycamore California Bay


Brush Clearance is also an annual concern in the Woods. Each year the Glendale City Fire Department launches a fire safety campaign. The purpose of which is to provide property owners with a reasonable safe zone free of readily combustible fuel.

Home owners are notified of the Defensible Space Concept Guidelines and required to comply. Otherwise, the city may conduct the service and submit a bill for services to the property owner.\

For more about our associations involvement in fire prevention click here: Firewise Communities/USA Project