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Shredding in the Woods

Saturday October 25, 2014, 10:00 AM to 2: 00 PM (Or until full)
Place: El Lado West

Our first event in what may become a campaign of neighborhood oriented services that we hope residents will find helpful.

The WWPO has arranged for a professional service truck to be on site to shred (pulverize) no longer needed documents and records safely and securely . This FREE service will be available for four hours or until the truck is FULL.

How this will work…

1. At home, first sort out the items you want to have shredded.

2. Place them in bins, boxes or bags.

3. Bring them to the shredding truck that will be located on El Lado West.

4. Empty your items into the on-site bins for shredding.

5. You will be responsible for removal of your emptied containers.


As a courtesy to other neighbors we ask that items for shredding come from your household only. (Home offices are OK but please not from outside Whiting Woods or from commercial locations.)

All material preparation, sorting, etc. must be completed prior to being submitted for shredding - driver does no sorting. The driver does not haul away empty boxes or containers; the removal of such will be the individual’s responsibility.

You are welcome to remain to visually see and confirm destruction. Should you need assistance transporting documents from your home to the shredding truck, please contact your block director.

The WWPO will be on-hand to assist, have some refreshments and be collecting 2014 & 2015 dues on-site.

Do’s & Don’ts

What is Accepted:

    White or colored paper, credit cards, checks, statements, staples, paper clips, and manila folders are acceptable.

    All material must be clean, and free of insects/pests and their residue.

What is NOT Accepted

    Medical waste, x-rays, film, plastics, bound files more than 2” thick, 3-ring binders, thick metal bindings, clips, or any other  material such as keys, tools, screws, nails, magnets, etc.

PLEASE RESPECT THE RULES: If non-acceptable items are encountered the shred will be stopped immediately, as it presents a hazard to the driver, and will damage the equipment.

After the event the WWPO will measure participation in order to judge its merit for future events.

Possible Future Events: Common Area Landscape Replacement, Common Area Clean-Up Days, Charity Donation Day, Green & Electronic Waste Disposal.