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Rattlesnake Bites


  • Remain calm and reassure the victim.
  • Remove all jewelry, watches, etc. from the affected area.
  • Immobilize extremity and keep at level below the heart.
  • Decrease total body activity as is feasible.
  • Move victim to medical facility without delay.


  • Do not apply ice to the bite area.
  • Do not make an incision of any kind.
  • Do not use a constriction band or tourniquet.
  • Do not administer alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not use electric shock treatment.

Pets are sometimes bitten by rattlesnakes. Cats, by behavior, tend to hide out after an injury. Despite this, many survive. Although many large dogs do well with no veterinary care, it is recommended that any pet be taken to an emergency veterinary clinic if bitten. Some kennels offer "snake avoidance" training for dogs. Anecdotal evidence suggests this may work for some dogs.

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