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The purpose of the WWPOA is to interact with and represent the residents of the Woods with regard to all issues of importance to the area.

In keeping with that purpose, the WWPOA has been involved in many issues in recent years.

  • We were heavily involved, along with the Small Wilderness Area Preservation (SWAP) organization and concerned homeowners, in the 1980 purchase of Henderson Canyon (that begins at the foot of Whiting Woods Road and continues to the top of the visible ridgeline) for recreational use.
  • More recently, the WWPOA, along with the Volunteers Organized In Conserving Of The Environment (VOICE) organization, was aggressively involved in the reduction in the number of homes to be built at the top of Deerpass Road. While the original number stood at over 25, the current plan is for only 2 homes to be built in that area.
  • The WWPOA was also actively involved, again with VOICE, in the review of the Environmental Impact Report regarding the proposed 572 units Oakmont View V development just around the corner from the Woods and will continue to be involved in that activity.

Today, the WWPOA is engaged in proactive efforts to further safeguard properties and residents in Whiting Woods. For 2002 we've chosen two safety related initiatives as a focus; Firewise Communities/USA Project and our already successful Neighborhood Watch program. We've chosen these initiatives not as a result of safety problems or events, but rather just the opposite. It's our belief that by renewing resident safety consciousness and providing strategy and structure we may better ensure the uniqueness that defines the Woods.