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June, 2010 WWPOA Annual Business Meeting To be held at 10:00 AM on June 5, 2010 at the West End of El Lado.
(Please bring a chair for you and your guest(s) - Refreshments will be provided)

1. Election of officers
2. Whiting Woods CERT team presentation
3. Discussion of CERT disaster drill on June 13, 2010
4. Open discussion - Please come and discuss your issues regarding Whiting Woods.

You can also pay your 2010 WWPOA dues for $20 at the meeting

CERT to present information about emergency preparedness and to discuss upcoming disaster drill scheduled for June 13, with the cooperation of Glendale Fire and Police Departments.

Click here for information about CERT In Whiting Woods

To learn more about CERT and CERT Training:

CERT is not affiliated with the Whiting Woods Property Owners Association

March 2010 (This message is sent by the Whiting Woods Property Owners Association for your information.)

Dear Fellow Homeowners,

If you were like so many Angelinos you had an early morning wake-up call last Monday morning.  This should serve as a reminder of how vulnerable Glendale is to the same fate as that of Haiti and Chile.  Our one saving grace may be you! That you have a plan.  You do have a plan don't you? 

In case you don't I have attached a Emergency Survival  Guide from the County of Los Angeles. This guide is meant to help your family prepare for an event we should all be expecting.  Help us help you by reading and acting on the information in this guide before the next geologic event.  You can help insure the safety of your family and loved ones by making a few additions to your family's home safety, supplies and routine.

If you would like to volunteer by joining C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) please contact me via reply to this email.  You can also go online to the Glendale Fire Departments website

Getting involved is your right and civic duty.

Thank you in advance for helping be part of the solution.

Rik D. Middleton
C.E.R.T. Coordinator for the Whiting Woods POA

"Family Steps to Survival" (PDF Link)

November 2009 - Here's a reminder from the Whiting Woods Property Owners Association

Please remember that coyotes are in our Woods on a constant cruise; this is their home and they are always around us.  Right now they are being rather active and looking larger than usual.

With the Station fire in our valley, it is expected that more wild animals will being coming down into residential areas looking for food and water. For example, the black bear that was caught near Crescenta Valley High School a couple of weeks back....

We need to be careful with our pets; please keep them indoors as much as possible, and bring them in at dusk or in the evening. Also, do not put animal food outside which might attract all types of wild animals, such as the coyotes, skunks, opossums, raccoons, and mountain lions.

Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any additional information, or if you would like to be removed from this email list...

November 2008 - Proposed Lot Split and Two Home Development

Proposed Lot Split Information

Whiting Woods Property Owners Association (WWPOA) challenged the proposed subdivision of 3761 Hillway Drive into two lots, which the Association believed was detrimental to the Whiting Woods neighborhood, primarily because of the proposed new structures proximity to Whiting Woods Road. The Glendale Planning Commission approved the subdivision over the WWPOA´s objection. After an
extensive hearing in which numerous Whiting Woods residents and professionals voiced their opposition to the project, on November 26, 2008, by a unanimous vote, the Glendale City Council approved the Whiting Woods Property Owners Association´s appeal of the Planning Commission´s decision, and denied the proposed subdivision of the property located at 3761 Hillway Drive.

November, 2004 - The Goats in Our Hills

As part of a Firewise Communities/USA project, a flock of goats has been enlisted to clear (eat) a firebreak above the Woods.

The goats will be working the Edison easement between Mesa Lila Road and Whiting Woods Road. It is anticipated that the goats, along with their Shepard's and dogs will be working the hillside until November 30th.

Goats are particularly effective at this type of work. They are naturally suited for our rugged hillsides and thick vegetation, which they eat right down to the ground - EVEN POISON OAK.

If you'd like to visit the flock you may find them located on the Mesa Lila fire road, located at the top of Mesa Lila Road not far off the street.

IMPORTANT - Visitors & Hikers with Dogs
We strongly encourage you to keep dogs leashed so as not to cause
a disturbance that might upset the important work underway and safety.
Your cooperation will be very much appreciated.

May 3, 2003 - 1st. Annual Team Up to Clean-Up Day

Thank you to all Whiting Woods Residents and
Glendale Fire Department and Public Works staff
for helping to make our first
Team Up to Clean-Up Day,
also our first Firewise activity,
a success.

Pictured: Doug Nickles, RPF
(Urban Fire Forester with
the Glendale Fire Department)
with Larry Van Avery
(Block Director for El Lado East and Chairperson of the WWPOA Fire Safety
Task Force)

Brush Chipper
furnished by
The City of Glendale

Strong Backs
furnished by
The City of Glendale

Haul Away
furnished by
The City of Glendale

March 3, 2003, Glendale City Council Candidates Forum presented by the Whiting Woods Property Owners Association and The Glendale Homeowners Coordinating Council, Deer Canyon - Oakmont Property Owners Association, Montecito Park Homeowners Association, Oakmont Woods Homeowners Association and the Royal Canyon Property Owners Association

December 2002 - City inks Oakmont View V Land Deal

Escrow has closed on the 244-acre Oakmont property. Final payment should be in March.

The deal, worth $25.25-million, means that the city and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority now own 244 acres of property that will ultimately be preserved as recreational open space.

November 2002, Firewise Press Release


Held on Saturday, September 28, 2002. As with all our neighborhood events all Whiting Woods residents were welcome. This year we celebrated in the rain but it didn't dampen our spirits. This year we barbequed Carne Asada along with hot dogs and enjoyed cool beverages and had kids games. We had a great turn out and great fun on the West end of El Lado Drive under the cover of Oaks, umbrellas and garages. Click here for photos


Larry Van Avery, Chair of The Whiting Woods Property Owners Association Fire Safety Task Force, and Doug Nickles, Glendale Fire Department Urban Fire Forester, along with approximately 60 other homeowners and fire professionals attended a national Firewise Communities/USA conference in San Diego, California March 27-28, 2002.  Participants represented communities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota and Utah.

The primary goal of the conference was to provide a vehicle to meet and exchange ideas regarding the creation and maintenance of a fire safe community with representatives of other pilot communities.

Each participating community received a recognition award from Firewise, a national program designed to provide homeowners and fire professionals with alternative ways of addressing the issue of wildland/urban interface fire loss.

Whiting Woods is a participating community and is in the process of formulating a multi-agency plan to address specific issues regarding fire hazards in the Woods.  More on this issue will be presented at the Annual Meeting in early June.

WWPOA 2002 Annual Meeting

NEW LOCATION - The West End of El Lado Drive (Under the Oaks)
Saturday June 21, 2002

February 2002 Whiting Woods Newsletter

Oakmont View V Revised Environmental Impact Report
Click here to find out more. Click Here for EIR Details Click Here for Town Meeting
Highlights at VOICE
Click here to sign up for the
VOICE electronic bulletin.


The City of Glendale, and specifically Whiting Woods, has been selected to participate in the national Firewise Communities/USA Project that encourages sustainable, survivable living in an urban, wild land setting.  Glendale/Whiting Woods is one of 10 communities nationally to participate in the project this year, before it is introduced nationally in 2002.  The projects three main goals are:

  1. To prevent/reduce losses due to urban wild land fires,

  2. To foster community participation to help achieve the first goal, and

  3. To share information.

Association President Denis Brumm and Larry Van Avery (Block Director for El Lado East and Chairperson of the WWPOA Fire Safety Task Force) attended a meeting at the Glendale Fire Department’s Environmental Management Center on May 30, 2001 to learn more about the program.  There were introductions by Doug Nickles of the Glendale Fire Department.  Among those who presented crucial Project information were Judith Leraas Cook of Leraas Cook & Associates who are the project coordinators and Jack Cohen of the US Forest Service Fire Sciences Lab in Missoula, Montana who presented much technical data regarding wild land fires and the survivability of structures that were within those fires.  Other attendees at the meeting included a representative of the California Fair Plan, representatives of the US Forest Service, and a representative of the Glendale Planning Department.  Following the meeting, there was a tour of Whiting Woods by many of the above attendees.

In the few days following the meeting, there were two more tours of the Woods and those participating will formalize their assessment and evaluation of Whiting Woods’ readiness to withstand a wild land fire and present that to the Glendale Fire Department.  At that time, the Fire Department will formalize a Task Force, of which Larry Van Avery will be a member, to review the documents and to accept the assessment and evaluation and to prepare an implementation plan for Whiting Woods.  Following that, local solutions are implemented according to a schedule designed by the Task Force.  The last step in the process is that Glendale and Whiting Woods will be granted Firewise Communities/USA recognition and the Project goes into the maintenance phase.

It should be noted that Whiting Woods was chosen for this project because of its extremely active Homeowners Association and the presence of an active Fire Safety Task Force.  Our involvement in this national project was announced to the community at the June 2, 2001 Annual Meeting.

2001 Annual Meeting Highlights