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Fire Patrol in the Woods!!



Whiting Woods now has a Fire Patrol made up of volunteers from our neighborhood. The Patrol will respond to the City’s Fire Weather reports.  When the report issues a red flag alert for our area, the Patrol will put up a red flag on the telephone pole on the corner of El Lado and Whiting Woods.  At the same time, our three Fire Patrol teams will be activated.  They will periodically patrol the Woods looking for signs of smoke and fire.  If the Patrol members see any smoke, they will call 911.  Our hope is that our added eyes may provide an early alert to the Glendale Fire Department.)  During those red flag days, please take extra care and keep your eyes open too.  Please note that when on patrol, the Patrol cars will have a red cone on the car’s hood and a sign in the window saying “Whiting Woods Neighborhood Fire Patrol.”


For more information, please check out our Manual (PDF)


We still need more volunteers for our Patrol.  It isn’t a big time commitment because we only have a few alerts per year, mostly in the late summer and fall.  If you are interested please e-mail us at


If you see a car with a red cone on top patrolling your street, give a friendly wave knowing that our association is helping to keep our neighborhood safe.