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The Association continues to co-sponsor City Council candidate forums, to conduct the Annual Meeting, to host the Annual Summer Party and to sponsor several Subcommittees that deal with issues relevant to the security, safety and education of Whiting Woods residents.

Annual Residents Meeting

This event occurs each June and all residents are invited to attend.  The primary purpose of this meeting is for residents to meet and greet their neighbors in a social environment.  It is also at this meeting where the election of new Officers is conducted and where residents vote on any By-Law changes that may be pending.  In addition, each year, the Association invites a prominent person to speak at the meeting.  In past years, speakers have included City Council members, the Glendale City Manager, Jim Starbird, the president of VOICE, Mark Stirdivant, and the Director of Neighborhood Services, Sam Engel.  This meeting is also used to update the residents on any major issues affecting the Woods, such as the Oakmont V development, the Deerpass development, street maintenance schedules, new city legislation (Hillside Ordinance), etc.  Last but not least, the Annual Residents Meeting is used as a place to distribute information from the various subcommittees and to invite any interested residents to volunteer their services on these committees.

Annual Neighborhood Party

This is a fun event that is held in September each year and all residents of Whiting Woods, past and present, are invited to attend.  The major purpose of this party is simply to meet and greet your neighbors in a relaxed environment.  Food and drink are provided by your Association and the party usually includes games, a piņata breaking, and other activities for the children.  The City Of Glendale Fire and Police Departments are also represented at this event as well as other invited guests, such as the Red Cross, the Montrose Search and Rescue Team, etc.


    Shredding in the Woods (click here for details) - Saturday October 25, 2014, 10:00 AM to 2: 00 PM (Or until full)