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Annual Dues

All work performed by your Association is done within the financial confines of the annual dues.  Those dues from 1960 to 1999 were $5.00 per year, the lowest of any homeowners association in the area.  In 1999, dues were increased to $15.00 and in 2009 to $20.00 per year.

Dues collection begins in January of each year and is conducted by each Block Director.  Its purpose is to solicit the membership of each resident through the payment of a $20.00 voluntary annual fee. 

These fees are used to pay for the Associationís involvement in legal proceedings (such as development that may affect Whiting Woods), to pay for the food and drink at the Annual Neighborhood Party, to pay for the lights at the entrance to Whiting Woods, and to pay for the administration costs associated with maintaining the Association, such as printing and mailing.