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Bears in the Woods

(Photo: El Lado fenced backyard,  July 2016)


Although bears can be appear cute and mostly harmless they also may be unpredictable so take care should you come across one.

In the event a bear should become a nuisance it must be established that the bear is a problem to the community before Fish and Game authorities will act.
For this reason
Thomas Lorenz of the City of Glendale, is collecting all calls and sightings and putting together a file on bear(s) activity.

Please report all bear sightings to the Glendale Police Department's non-emergency number

 (818) 548-4840

The GPD should respond, but only on a non-emergency basis.

Here are some ideas to keep the bear at bay and not interested in hanging around: Visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's "Living with Wildlife" web page for further information:

Here are some links for helpful information documents on living with Bears.

images\Documents\Bear\Bear Aware Book(1).pdf

images\Documents\Bear\bear resistant cans(1).pdf

images\Documents\Bear\CDFW Bear Brochure(1).pdf


We want your bear photos. Send them to and please let us know where and when taken.