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2001 Annual Meeting
Held on June 2nd.
Thank you to everyone who attended our annual meeting. We had a good turnout and you came with many great questions. We hope you enjoyed meeting with your neighbors, discussing relevant issues facing our neighborhoods and found the and information provided of benefit.

Meeting Highlights
Election of Officers

Re-election of block directors for two year terms:

Lower Mesa Lila - Jim Jackson
Upper Whiting Woods Road - Brock Hill
Lockerbie Lane and Court - Andrea Tunks
El Lado Drive West - Rob Montgomery
Director-at-large - Joanne Jackson

President's Address
"State of the Association" 

Association President Denis Brumm discussed recent developments pertaining to
Deerpass Development
Oakmont View V development.

The City of Glendale and Gangi Development have entered into a land exchange agreement which would limit the development on Deerpass




Sal Gangi, developer and future Whiting Woods resident, seen here reviewing the development map with other residents

to three parcels of which two would be for environmentally sensitive single family residences and the third parcel, which is all remaining acreage, would be left as open space into perpetuity.

This settlement
can be viewed as a

Oakmont View V

Developers will be releasing the second EIR (environmental impact report) in early July. There will be at a minimum a 45 day public hearing period for people to express their concerns.

New Business
FireWise  The City of Glendale, and specifically our neighborhood of Whiting Woods, has been selected to participate in a new federally funded fire awareness and preparedness program. The focus of this program will be education pertaining to landscaping, safety, preparedness and prevention  for those that live in HIGH fire areas.
Welcome Package The "Welcome Package" was officially introduced and offered to all who attended. It will be distributed to all current residents and will be presented to new residents in the future. 

The purpose of the package is to provide an orientation to Whiting Woods. It consists of a book that contains helpful contact information, information about our property owners association and Whiting Woods history.

Our special thank you goes to Larry Van Avery, who led a committee of residents, and who largely  is responsible for its success.

Web Site

Introduction of our own Whiting Woods website. Developed by Whiting Woods resident Rob Montgomery, this web site is provided as a resource to association members.

We'd like your input. Please e-mail us at  with any comments or suggestions you may have, and let us know if you'd like to be notified of web site updates.

Honored Special Guest Speaker

Councilman Bob Yousefian

After the general meeting, members had a opportunity to visit with fellow members and guests. 

Lastly, a special thanks to Pat Pietsch for hosting the annual meeting. Thank you