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Welcome Message

On behalf of the Whiting Woods Property Owners Association, Inc., its Board Members and general membership, welcome to Glendale, welcome to the Crescenta Valley and, in particular, welcome to Whiting Woods.

This Neighborhood web site has been prepared by your Association. It is intended to provide you with some basic historical information about the area and about the Association itself.  In addition, it will provide you with a few addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses of persons and locations that may be of interest to you during your stay in the “Woods.”

We sincerely believe that Whiting Woods is one of the best places in the Los Angeles area to live, to raise and educate children and to simply enjoy the surroundings.  We hope you will meet and greet your neighbors. We hope you will take part in the many available activities of the area; and join as an active member of your Association.

Again, we welcome you as our neighbor and hope this web site provides you with some useful information.  Any suggestions you may have to make this a more informative resource is welcomed.  Please call any member of the Association or contact your Block Director with your suggestions.